New Music “Jesus To A Child”


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Jesus To A Child

Hulk DeMullah Swings Hard for his next Album “The Black Swan 2”


Click on link below to hear the progression of my next album “The Black Swan 2”
new music

Sunday Brunch

The Black Swan Brunch.


Listen to Hulk Demullah’s album The Black Swan

20120302-115344.jpglisten here

Hulk DeMullah Gears up for worldwide press release

Hulk DeMullah’s New Album “The Black Swan” is set to release worldwide in the next couple of days. Click on link below for new music.

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Hulk Demullah’s Album the black Swan Drops unexpectedly like bird ish

One of the Most Highly anticipated albums of the year!!!!!


New Yorker magazine calls Rick Ross a Fraud

Wow, the New Yorker actually wrote an article about Rick Ross not being a drug dealer.
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New Yorker article