The Black Swan Concept

Hulk Demullah’s New Album ” The Black Swan” has taken the web by storm.


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Brought Some Souvenirs for you



Diddy squares away Shyne

I feel Diddy on this one. Square things away with the people that hold you down.


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The hottest brand on the streets


Ya Dig?

Hulk DeMullah Gears up for worldwide press release

Hulk DeMullah’s New Album “The Black Swan” is set to release worldwide in the next couple of days. Click on link below for new music.

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Does wiz khalifa have an oedipus complex?


Any other grown men out there still kisses their mother like this? News: Hulk DeMullah News: Hulk DeMullah News: Hulk DeMullah.

Hello World! = )

Live a Life of Victory

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