Queens is Running The Grammy’s This Year

Queens is Definitely holding it Down in the music game. I am looking to add to that legacy.


UTubeConsulting.com News: Hulk DeMullah

UTubeConsulting.com News: Hulk DeMullah

UTubeConsulting.com News: Hulk DeMullah.

Having Fun While working

It feels good to do some of the things I wanted to do in life. Most of the time we have jobs we really don’t like for money we are not happy with. Do what makes you happy. Never Settle


Hate it or Love it


After shooting the video for “Streetz Of New York” I took some time out to grab

a quick work out. Some people think that I take pictures of my body because

I am narcissistic, But that is not the case. I take pictures after my work out to

track my progress and to also see how a specific work out will effect my body.

I do not work out for looks, working out is apart of my life. I have been fully

committed to my work out for the last decade. Stay loyal to yourself and you

will see where it takes you.

In the streets of New York


You gotta be tough

Cold as a witches titty


Had to pull out the goose country

Shooting videos all day


After shooting video all day I am laying in my bed blogging. SMH