Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a child

Kim Kardashian and Kanye west are rumored to be pregnant. Will they receive more press than Beyonce and Jay-Z? Will they overshadow Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose? Let the madness begin.



Pockets Getting Bigger!!!!


Check out Hulk DeMullah’s new Song Called “Pockets Getting Bigger”
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“Pockets Getting Bigger”


“pockets Getting Bigger”

Hulk Demullah Is The “Reckless Ruler!”


Reckless Recordz Inc.CEO and Real Estate Expert Michael “Hulk Demullah” Turner uses his “reckless” philosophy to cross market multiple brands for maximum growth and development. This has been proven to save time and money and as we all know “Time is Money!”


Beware of Home Rehabilitation Scams!

Beware of contractors posing as government agencies to defraud home owners!
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Logical Home Improvement Consulting
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Nas plays the real estate game to win


Rapper Nas wisely lets go of his Georgia Home due to the area’s severe decline in property value. Most of the homes in Georgia are not worth half as much since the beginning of the recession.


Hulk DeMullah Swings Hard for his next Album “The Black Swan 2”


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new music

Queens Hip Hop is Back On Top


Nas is still doing his thing with his latest album “Life is Good”

Barclay’s arena Still Not Done! Jay-Z and Brooklyn Nets Panic


As of July 18, 2012 The Barclay’s Arena,(Alleged Home to the Brooklyn Nets) is Not Completed and Rap Superstar Jay-Z has already sold out several shows on Pre Order.
Will it Happen?
Will it Happen On Time?



The Reckless Empire Continues


Hulk Demullah is in the studio recording the follow up to T.B.S 1.
I heard its a classic!!!!

Renegade Sage invades Hip Hop scene with “Stallion” Single


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Renegade Sage - Stallion