Jay-Z departs from Brooklyn Nets


After using brooklyn to make money, Jay-Z sells off his small share of the Nets Organization.


I’m around Grammy Winners


Hanging out with real people who are accomplished!!!! The Real Hustlers Love me

AR-AB adresses the haters the right way

Haters hating on dudes from other states!!!!!!

Twitter gangsters ain’t cool check the video below

Pebblez tha model arrested for giving a woman a concrete butt injection


Pebbles tha model allegedly conspired to kill a woman by giving her a butt injection filled with concrete. Pebbles tha model appeared in the murdered up and coming Rapper Kampane’s music video “what you drinking on?”

Cassidy Verbally attacks Meek Mill

Cassidy Swings hard with another diss record stumbling meek mill. Wondering how meek mill will respond?

Pockets Getting Bigger!!!!


Check out Hulk DeMullah’s new Song Called “Pockets Getting Bigger”
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“Pockets Getting Bigger”


“pockets Getting Bigger”

Hulk Demullah Is The “Reckless Ruler!”


Reckless Recordz Inc.CEO and Real Estate Expert Michael “Hulk Demullah” Turner uses his “reckless” philosophy to cross market multiple brands for maximum growth and development. This has been proven to save time and money and as we all know “Time is Money!”


New Music “Jesus To A Child”


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Jesus To A Child

Chief Keef Gets Head By A Chick That Needs A Shape Up!


Damn Chief Keef! You couldn’t get a better looking Chick?

Support The Movement


Self Explanatory.