Renegade Sage invades Hip Hop scene with “Stallion” Single


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Renegade Sage - Stallion

The Black Swan 2


Hulk DeMullah Credits Josh “The God Of Music” for bringing fire beats to the table for his next album entitled “The Black Swan 2”


For beats by “The God of Music”


Facebook buys patents From AOL for $550 Million


Apparently Facebook has a major plan with buying a “King’s Ransom” of patents from AOL. This purchase will further enable the already broad internet flexibility of Facebook.

This is what happens when you play games with people


Need I say more?

The Black Swan Concept

Hulk Demullah’s New Album ” The Black Swan” has taken the web by storm.


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If you got bread a $1000 for the pair



Chillin with Loud1ne

Check out my boys art in the background

20120127-210000.jpg News: Hulk DeMullah News: Hulk DeMullah News: Hulk DeMullah.

Check out My Man Big June new video “Whoop Dee Doo”

Much love to one of my old schoolmates Big June.

“The Black Swan”

Pre order Hulk Demullah’s debut Album entitled “The Black Swan” On now!!!

It has 11 street filled certified bangers like “Jihad”, “Remedial Gangbangers” and “So I Pray”.

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