Wills faces jail time for fraud

The money that the city Campaign Finance Board and the state Office of Children and Family Services provided him was to support programs for the not-for-profit, which doubled as a campaign platform for the councilman, who represents South Ozone Park, Rochdale and parts of Jamaica. Instead he is facing charges of grand larceny and falsifying business records to conceal how the money was allegedly transferred to his own pocket.
In his closing arguments Tuesday, Assistant Attorney General John Chiarro went over Wills’ contract with the state and Chase Bank statements that he said showed how Wills allegedly used the money for personal use.
“He is stealing thousands and thousands of dollars that are meant to help them,” said Chiarro as he pointed to Wills’ supporters in the gallery. “He’s not going to get away with this because you are going to hold him accountable,” he told the jury.
Chiarro went over the contract start and end date for the money that the state gave to Wills to spend on a childhood obesity program, a single mothers’ banquet, a single fathers’ luncheon and public cleanup under the auspices of his charity.
Wills’ goddaughter, Michelle Davis, was called as a witness for the prosecutor about her role in Wills’ campaign. The councilman said she did data entry work for the obesity program, but Davis testified she only worked for the election campaign.
Chiarro cited a check written to Davis for data entry work on the obesity program that had a memo attached for NY4Life. But Wills’ goddaughter said she did not do the data entry work but still cashed the check. Chiarro contended this showed that the defendant falsified records and committed fraud.


Prosecutors Allege Ruben Wills Stole Tens Of Thousands of Taxpayer Money 

Opening Arguments Set for Queens Councilman’s Trial

Prosecutors are expected to present opening arguments to jurors in the case against New York City Councilman Ruben Wills on Wednesday, three years after the Queens politician was indicted on charges of stealing tens of thousands of dollars in campaign and taxpayer money.
An already-indicted Queens City Councilman is in fresh trouble with the law.
Ruben Wills, 46, was arrested in 2015 on charges he filed bogus documents with the city Conflicts of Interest Board, officials said.