Facebook buys patents From AOL for $550 Million


Apparently Facebook has a major plan with buying a “King’s Ransom” of patents from AOL. This purchase will further enable the already broad internet flexibility of Facebook.

Metta World Peace Waits for suspension by the NBA


Metta World Peace has been misunderstood through out his basketball career. The NBA is full of players who act in a rogue manner to draw fouls by referees. It seems that Metta is still being supported by his hometown of Queens New York because many people there consider his style of play ordinary for the borough.

This is what happens when you play games with people


Need I say more?

Lamar Odom gets permanently benched by Dallas Mavericks


It seems like the white hoes and reality shows have caught up to the queens native. The Dallas Mavericks have placed lamar on the inactive list until next season.


Facebook buys Instagram


It seems Facebook bought Instagram for 1 Billion dollars. The Facebook Company is Rumored to go public soon.

The Knicks can Move up in the east coast standings!


Carmelo’s confidence led The New York Knicks past the Chicago Bulls 100-99. Knicks are currently tied for 7th in the east coast standings.


The Black Swan Concept

Hulk Demullah’s New Album ” The Black Swan” has taken the web by storm.


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