What are you sipping for the holidays ?


If you are really into fine wines and champagne you will know that many fine spirits are in fact, inexpensive. I was recommended this champagne to make a nice blini or mimosa. Enjoy.

Internet beefing

Some people say things over the internet that can get them killed. Just ask young jeezy

“We Make That Magic!”

Emerging Hip Hop artist “Renegade Sage” has embedded his lyrical marksmanship with his new mix tape entitled “Dear Hip Hop”. Many insiders are saying that S.A.G.E has the makings to one day be compared to the top hip hop elitists.

Work Now Play Later


It was cold as hell today, Had Mad shit to do

My Christmas present to you!



I’m already gone


Lean and fit. Healthy and happy

Having Fun While working

It feels good to do some of the things I wanted to do in life. Most of the time we have jobs we really don’t like for money we are not happy with. Do what makes you happy. Never Settle